How To Style A Sweater

How To Style A Sweater

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Sweaters are must-have items in the wardrobe. We all have a classic and cozy sweater that can be donned for a relaxing time, be it a movie night or a working day without meetings.

Sweaters are amazingly versatile when it comes to styling and wearing them. You can have fun layering with sweaters or, for a lazy time, just on its own. There are infinite possibilities of proportions, textures and patterns for you to mix and match with a quality sweater. So, if you are looking to get a new sweater this season, pick something that is outstanding in colour, volume and design.  

Finding a new way to style sweaters can sometimes feel a bit uninspired. However, there are a few nifty tips that could make styling sweaters exciting again. Read more for ways to elevate your sweater styling game to look fabulous and comfy this season.  


Sometimes, sweaters can look puffy at the top, making the proportions don’t look right. Remember to keep your bottom slim and straight if your sweater is voluminous. It is fun to play with the proportions to spice up your outfits as long as you match it well with your bottom. You can pair your puffy sweater with a slip dress, skinny or straight jeans, maxi or midi skirt at the bottom. 

If you want to look a bit more casual with your sweater, try matching your slip dress with the chunkiest and brightest sweater on top and style it with white sneakers. 

Tuck in

Is the length of your sweater too long? Or, does it look too bulky for a date night? Try tucking in your sweater! You will look a million times more polished. Depending on the length and the volume, you can fully tuck or just go with the half tuck for a chunky sweater. This trick will help you create an hourglass silhouette with a well-defined waist.  

However, not all sweaters are meant to be tucked. If your sweater is too bulky or too long to be tucked, wear leggings or skinny jeans instead.


Layering is critical to your look when the weather gets cold. A well-thought layering elevates your outfits to look more sophisticated and to keep yourself warm. It is interesting to mix and match different lengths, colours, textures, patterns, trends and structured clothing to showcase your creativity and playfulness.

An oversized denim jacket and a pair of black skinny jeans will easily match your bulky knit sweater. Adding an additional layer of a button down can help you look chic and sophisticated. Or you could just layer a sweater under your coat and add long boots during a cold and windy day. Make sure you tuck in your sweater underneath to keep your leg line nice and long under the coat! 


To uptick your outfit, a statement necklace works best for people who want an extra touch in their attire. You can choose a neutral coloured necklace to complement your outfit or a contrasting one to emphasize it. Earrings work the same as the necklace too! Just don’t go overboard with necklaces that are better for dinners.

A neck scarf is also a great way to add a perfect colour pop to your outfit. Find a patterned or solid colour neck scarf and pair it with your sweater to look more elegant and classy.

You can play with adding a belt over the top of your long sweater or on the jeans to highlight your waist-line. It looks nice when the sweater fits well.

Trendy Cutouts

Tired of boring and plain sweaters? Consider getting a sweater with trendy cutouts (asymmetrical slice or peek-a-boo cut) to your collection. The cutout can appear in unexpected places like on the shoulder, around the neck or at the back.

Cutout sweaters are fun to wear and style with different colours undergarments in order to elevate the whole attire. It can be layered with other clothes during colder days too. The more creative you get, the better!

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