Why and how to get dressed while working from home

Why and how to get dressed while working from home

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Working from home has become the new normal for many of us in the past few years. People have been settling into an isolated working environment and start establishing a WFH routine due to the pandemic. Searches for loungewear have greatly increased since then.

Comfortable clothes become very popular as people are spending more time at home due to changing working conditions, lockdown restrictions or self-isolation. The pressure of looking smart and formal all the time or wearing the latest fashion in the office is no longer necessary with the new work setting. Most people want to feel more comfortable and relaxed while working in a cosy environment as it helps them feel more empowered and chilled. Therefore, pyjamas and loungewear are the first choices when people think of clothing for working from home. 

However, comfortable clothing doesn’t always have to be those oversized tees, sweatpants or pyjamas. It can be something else that you can grab from your wardrobe. Working from home is never an excuse for you to skip dressing up.

Why you should get dressed up while working from home 

Most people think that dressing up while working from home is not that important or it can be skipped. But it could be wrong.

Get you in the right mindset

A personal stylist from Styling by Lumiere, Jude Stevens once said “what you wear can change your attitude towards how you work”. Getting dressed even for working from home can give you a more productive feel at work as it gives you a signal to tell you that you are in a different mode. Although dressing up for work is important, it is equally important to change your work outfit into something casual at the end of the day as it signals the shift in your day.

Balancing your work and home life

Not everyone has a separate room for work use. However, no matter if you are living in a house or a studio, you should separate the time you spend at your workstation from your daily life the best you can.  

It is not a complicated thing to follow. Changing from casual to a working outfit can help you to give a signal to you, your housemate, your families or the people you live with that the day has begun. Especially for working mothers, it is important to maintain boundaries and give signals for the children while working from home. Getting dressed for the day means working has started and during these hours, you should not be disturbed.  

What to wear when working from home

Style it fun and bright

Dressing up each morning will bring motivation to you and keep you productive all day. While you work from home, you may still need to attend virtual meetings and video calls from your client and colleague. It is better to dress up in a presentable manner as you never know when it will happen.

Bright-coloured tops can make your stay-at-home day feel a bit happier. Style yourself with a bright-coloured sweater and pair it with loose pants can help you to maintain a good mood throughout the day. You can apply a little makeup each morning to help you mentally switch over to work mode.

These garments are loose fitting and in soft fabrics. It is perfect for people who want to be comfortable and also want to look professional.  

Wear something cute and flowy

You would not want to wear uncomfortable clothes which are too tight or heavy while working from home. Doll up yourself with a cute ruffled-sleeves flowy dress and accessorize this outfit with a necklace and tassel earrings to elevate the look. You can wear white leather sandals to polish your look too. It will help you to boost your mind and add some energetic vibe to your day.

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