6 Ways To Style Mom Jeans

6 Ways To Style Mom Jeans

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Who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans? Being comfortable and versatile in style, a humble pair of jeans is some of the most versatile and timeless pieces of clothing you can own. Jeans come in different types of styles, cuts, lengths, sizes, colours and designs to suit every preference and fashion style and making them easy to match with various clothes and body types.

Whether you are heading out to the mall or having brunch with your friends, there are many ways you can style with them. Despite all types of jeans, mom jeans are definitely one of the must-have items in every woman's wardrobe. With a cinched waist and baggy legs, mom jeans have overtaken skinny jeans and become the most popular jeans in fashion crowds.

What are mom jeans?

Mom jeans became popular in the 70s among women who were stay-at-home moms and housewives. Because of their wide cut at the hips and crotch, it made them very comfortable to wear at home.

They were a favourite for women going about their day running errands and wanting to wear something practical over something that is too tight and uncomfortable. It soon became popular among younger women around the 80s, as you can spot those early 20s women were wearing them around.

So what are mom jeans? Mom jeans are high-waisted, with wide-cut hips and crotch. It fits loosely on the thighs and around the hips, making the back appear flatter and taking the focus away from highlighting the shape of the lower body.

This denim style offers a baggy leg and often makes you look taller as a feminine alternative to the more relaxed boyfriend silhouette. These jeans normally come in classic blue colour denim with no rips on the fabric.

If you are not sure how to rock this trend, we got your back with a bunch of styling inspiration for you. Check out the creative ways to stay the trend with these mom jeans below.

woman wearing a crop top and a pair of jeans

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6 ways to wear mom jeans

For a sporty style

Style your mom jeans with a basic white tee and a pair of white sneakers for a refreshing and sporty look. It is fun to mix and match your mom jeans with different T-shirt colours and designs. This could easily become your all time to-go look.

For a cowboy style

Tucked your mom jeans into the boots! You will look extra chic with the cowboy styles boots and an oversized blazer on top.

For an edgy style

Bored of wearing the classic blue mom jeans? You can create an edgy appearance while looking effortlessly stylish in a pair of black mom jeans. Rock your mom jeans with leather jackets and boots or create a fun ensemble for the office with a white button-down shirt and flats.

For a chic style

Put a spin on the traditional mom jeans by adding a few rips or distressed looks. These will add a cool factor to your whole look. You can also wear fishnet leggings underneath the jeans to look more punk and fashionable.

For a cute style

Meeting your friends in the cafe? Wear your mom jeans with a pretty blouse on top to instantly update your denim outfit. Never forget to carry your bright colour mini bag to complete the look. There are many ways to rock this denim, so have some fun and experiment a little with different styles of top.

For a smart casual style

Adding a blazer to your light blue denim mom jeans will never disappoint you. Not only does it add a level of sophistication to a look, but it also makes your outfit look fresh and chic. It is a timeless option for any situation no matter where you are going.

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