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How To Dress Contemporarily?

05 Oct 2021 0 comments
How To Dress Contemporarily?

The word “contemporary” has quickly shifted from designer-looking but affordable clothing to stylish but expensive items. However, it does not mean you cannot dress contemporarily without spending a few grand. With the affordable contemporary items in our store, here’s how you can style contemporarily.

See it before you start

To define contemporary style is that there is no real definition of this style. With the word contemporary, this style is constantly evolving with what is happening on the streets. The general rule is to follow what’s being worn on the street with your own take.

Before wearing the contemporary style, it is good to absorb yourself in the style through online media, fashion magazines, and other mediums to feel the style and know where you can add your personal style.

model wearing a contemporary maxi dress

Build the layers

A key characteristic of contemporary style is simplicity. Being simple doesn’t mean you cannot express yourself. Layering your clothes is one of the ways to do so. A carefully created layering includes colour matching, proportions and volume to bring out the best of your look.

Smart layer-ers usually have one key focal point in their style and layer other items accordingly to complement the key item.

Smart choice of colours

Again, simplicity does not mean you cannot express yourself through colours. Key figures in contemporary style have tried bright suits, single coloured outfits and colour blocking. Choosing the right colour considers seasons, your character and the occasion you’re attending.

Your colourful piece can be your focal point in your style. Other than the key item, the other clothing usually features neutral colours. A way to keep your budget low with the evolving contemporary style is to choose an inexpensive statement piece but go with high quality basic items.

model wearing a pink dress

(Featuring the Ava Ruffles Tiered Pink Mini Dress)

Use of patterns

A patterned piece is usually the statement piece in contemporary styling. With simplicity in mind, pattern mixing is not recommended most times. Black and white are usually the classic colours for contemporary patterns. But floral patterns are also popular for spring and summer.

For more casual looks, a graphic T-shirt can be the statement piece in your look, replacing patterns.

model wearing a floral crop top

(Featuring the Elena Co-ord Puff Sleeves Red Floral Crop Top)

Fit it right

Unlike previous styles where they feature oversized items, contemporary style is all about fit. Your items should be Goldilocks, not too big and not too small but just right. Some key reference points are the shoulder seam, the waist and the length of pants and dresses 

Accessorise well 

The importance of simplicity in contemporary style meant accessories sometimes can be your statement piece. Earrings, belts or necklaces are often less obvious ways to express your style but convey it just to people who have their attention on you. Keeping with the contemporary style, accessories are better to stay simple.

earrings next to a perfume

(Featuring the Rori Tassel Earrings)

Keeping it comfortable

Behind the simplicity of contemporary style is the comfort that it brings. You are not trying to be a fashionista every day but wearing the right outfit that you feel comfortable with whether it’s a good day or a bad day ahead.

Basic items with unique details, maybe a different texture or material, are simple enough to face everyday chores but also interesting enough to be the statement piece. Feeling comfortable is more helpful in showcasing your style than being in clothes that you’ll move around all day.

Try a bit of vintage if you want to

With contemporary style, you should express yourself as you want. Feel free to use vintage items or even an old band T-shirt as your statement piece. After all, contemporary styling is all about you. The reason for simplicity is for you to showcase your statement piece. Go with what you want as your statement piece and build your style around it.

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