How to dress for summer

How to dress for summer

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Dressing up for summer can be challenging at times. But there are a few ways that you can dress and get yourself ready for the scorching heat and humid weather. It is that time of the year to dig out clothes from the previous summers or to do a complete overhaul to breathe a new life into your existing wardrobe if you are not satisfied with the items in your closet.

Read on for the must-have pieces that will look flattering on you and more outfit inspiration to leverage your fashion game in summer.

What are the tips for warm weather 

Choose natural fabrics to beat the heat

It is important for you to wear something that is breathable and comfortable when the sun is out. You might notice the difference between breathable fabrics and fabrics that trap moisture during summer time. Make sure to wear clothes that are a hundred per cent linen, cotton, rayon or silk as synthetics fabrics are usually not breathable,

Wear light and natural coloured clothing

It’s summer time! Keep your dark-coloured clothing at home and choose clothes that are in light colours. It can be a white dress or a button down shirt as it does not absorb the heat of sun rays as much as dark coloured clothes do. Besides, natural coloured clothing usually goes well with the summer theme.

Embrace loose or sleeveless clothes

Loose fitting clothing is your best bet for staying cool in the summer. Try to get as much airflow as possible. You don’t have to go strapless if you dislike showing too much skin. You can consider a ruffled or off shoulder top that you feel comfortable in. Short sleeve button ups are another good choice to wear during a hot summer day.  

Slip into leather sandals

It’s the perfect time to get a new pair of sandals. Although flip flops are comfortable to wear with, it is more suitable to go to the beach. You can easily leverage your whole look with strappy sandals or espadrilles. They are great for their comfort and are easy to style with. A bold colour like blue and white will add so much style to your summer outfit.

Wear patterns and prints

When plain colour clothes look boring to you, try something that comes with a floral print or geometric pattern. The printed shirt is the perfect beach to bar fashion item in summer. It looks dressy and stylish. However, keep the pairing simple by wearing a plain bottom and a white sneaker while letting the shirt do the talking. 

Invest in dresses

Nothing is as easy and glamorous as a good summer dress. Dress is not only for special occasions but comfy summer dresses are a must-have items. It can be your lifesaver when you have nothing to wear. And most importantly, you can always dress down and up your dress with a few styling tips such as pairing sneakers to cut the formal feeling of a maxi dress.

What to wear for summer

To a coffee date

Wear something that is bright and flowy. Summer is the time for you to bust out your most colourful items from the wardrobe. Choose something that is playful and bright, and make it perfect for an afternoon date. It is fun to mix and match around with all the colourful clothes. For example, you can pair your rainbow plaid or floral bottom with a plain crop top to balance out the look.

Stay-at-home look

Comfortable is the key to this look. Try to wear an all neutral palette to create a relaxed summer mood. You can match a tank top with linen white leg pants that come in the same colour tone. Don’t forget to wear a matching colour cardigan to complete the whole look.

To work

It’s time for you to invest in a few classic pieces of structured summer staples, such as a black linen blazer that you can wear for years. The weather is hot and humid and that is why you will need a breathable linen blazer that you can wear to meet your client or work without losing your professionalism. You can wear the blazer on top of a white t ship and finish things off with heeled sandals.

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