How To Style A Little Black Dress

How To Style A Little Black Dress

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Black is the all time classic colour. Combine the colour with dresses, you have an item that will never go wrong. Almost every woman’s closet will have a little black dress and can be worn with almost all kinds of occasions all year round. A little black dress is a must-have item and could be a staple item as well.

Black dress is very versatile that can be styled with multiple layers or just keep it minimal. There are a billion ways to match different items and accessories with a black dress. If you’re feeling casual, a denim jacket and clean sneakers can get the job done. When you get a sudden call for dinner, swap in a pair of heels and some accessories and you’re ready for the night. Black dress will never fail us, sis!

5 ways to style a little black dress 

For a Classy and Elegant Look

One of the easiest styles to achieve with a little black dress is a timeless and elegant look that is perfect for any occasion. A bardot-style neckline or a mock turtleneck can be alluring and classic all at once. And when you want a little more attention for a date night, a sleeveless or long sleeve black dress will be perfect to catch some eyeballs.

But, make sure you keep it simple with a solid black colour and never try too hard to over style your outfit. The simplicity and elegance of black dresses works best when it’s the staple piece of your look. You may tie your hair in a loose bun and put on light makeup. Pair a golden small stud earrings and necklace to add a little sparkle to complete your look.

For a Casual Look

Going for a casual night out? A denim jacket or a knit cardigan on the little black dress can instantly complete your look! An additional layer over black dresses brings relaxedness to the look so you don’t stun everyone on the street. 

For a youthful look, you can dress it with an oversized jacket and a pair of sneakers! This ideal combination of comfort and style is perfect for the spring and summer weather where all you want is to chill with your friends around the city. Don’t forget to get your sling bag and wear your shades to complete this fun and casual outfit.

For a Sparkly Festive Look

A sparkly little black dress is exactly what you need for the festive season. Don't be afraid to shine among others! After all, it’s a once of a year occasion.

Style your glamorous black dress with a pair of coloured-stone earrings in festive shades to add some colour to your whole look. You can add some sparkle to your look with a touch of glitter on your eyes and add a red lip for a more daring vibe too! Less is more, sis. Keep in mind not to wear too many sparkles at once.

For a Formal Office Look

Little black dress can work for the work setting if you style it well. It can look sharp and slick for the office. Try to match your little black dress with a neutral blazer or coats to create trendy office outfits. And add in some neutral colour handbags and heels to create an effortless yet professional look.

Never stop trying to dress yourself while working. Looking your best at work can make you feel good about the job you are doing and increase your efficiency at work!

For an Edgy Look

Black dress never looks boring. Style your dress with leather and stud jackets can be a great way to create edgy and chic outfits. Edgy style is all about combining your apparel with accessories to reflect unconventional and different, so don’t be afraid of mix and match. Instead of wearing bold, black leather jackets, you can choose to wear bold printed jackets like leopards or polka dots to complete your look.

Add in a statement accessories and belts to add a dash of edginess to your look. You can also match with a metallic belt, a pair of ankle boots, or hold a clutch to take your outfit to another level.

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