How to style floral prints

How to style floral prints

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Floral prints are one of the trends that have been popular for many years, just like stripes! It can be feminine, timeless and is a summer staple in most people's wardrobes. They come in all sorts of colours and variations which you never get bored with. If you are thinking of buying new clothes, floral printed garments may be your ideal option.

However, they are tricky to style and challenge to pull off. It can be an unsettling task for those who are having trouble incorporating them into an outfit. Keep on reading to find out the tips on wearing floral prints and the way to style them on all occasions.  

What are the tips on wearing floral prints? 

  • If you are not confident in styling your floral print garments, give it a go by only wearing it in a tiny part of your outfit. Start small by introducing print in a small part of your whole outfits, such as a printed bag, scarf or shoes. This print can be the statement on your outfit, while not overpowering the entire ensemble. As you are more comfortable with prints, you can go with a larger scale of the print, such as a printed blazer or printed pants, with the rest of your outfit toned down.
  • Keep in mind that scale matters. Floral prints come in all colours, shapes and sizes, therefore, if you are looking to be more subtle, choose smaller prints in monotone. These prints allow the garment to be easily paired with others. Scaled up prints look chic and playful, but paired with minimal accessories will dress down the look and make it more wearable.
  • Avoid layering floral prints, unless it is a matching outfit. Sometimes too many floral items can be overwhelming and seem too loud in one look. However, if you are confident in mixing and matching with prints, go for it. Make sure that you are not wearing super loud accessories with this outfit.
  • Make sure you choose the right colour. Use the colours in the floral prints when matching florals with block colours. However, if the colour matching goes wrong with the print, it can drain the print. Therefore, only wear black with florals that have a black element to them. It applies to all colours.
  • Consider the size of your florals. The more curves you have, the bigger the floral and the smaller it makes you look. If you are looking to make certain areas look slimmer, wear a bigger floral. And if you are looking to enlarge certain areas, go with smaller prints.

How to style floral prints on all occasions  

For a date night

Get yourself a floral printed wrap top with a chiffon blouse! These gorgeous pieces of blouse will make you look feminine and romantic during your date. You can rock this look by pairing it with a pair of distressed skinny jeans and neutral tone heels.

At work

Wear floral printed wide-leg pants! It can be comfy and chic. When you are wearing floral pants, make sure you balance them out with neutral colours. Neutral colours such as beige, ivory, taupe and grey are great bases to make your outfit look well when put together. You can complete the look with a loose button-up shirt on top with a pair of floral pants at the bottom.

Go casual

If you are looking to look more relaxed and comfortable, we have the perfect floral print for you. A graphic tee shirt with a mini floral printed skirt will add some freshness and energy to your whole look and make it perfect for a weekend outing. A denim jacket and a pair of white sneakers will add an effortlessly chic touch to them.

Stay classic

A floral printed blazer in dark colour will add a touch of brightness and femininity without losing formality during a chilly day. You can add a contrast with a white shirt and a pair of blue jeans to give a fun spin on the whole look. Don’t forget to wear some minimalistic gold jewellery to elevate the whole look.

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