How To Style Long Sleeve Dresses?

How To Style Long Sleeve Dresses?

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Long sleeve dresses are usually accompanied by cooler weather. However, no one would like to sacrifice their style in the winter. Being smart in styling long sleeve dresses allows you to be stylish and warm at the same time. Here’s some tips to wear long sleeve dresses in style.

Layer turtlenecks under the dress

Turtlenecks are a great addition to long sleeve dresses. Turtlenecks elongate the visual perception of the body when worn under long sleeve dresses. At the same time, you can wear your summer long sleeve dresses with warm turtlenecks.

With turtlenecks layered with long sleeve dresses, simple long pendant necklaces are often great additions to the look.

Accessorise with necklaces

Winter is associated with thick and warm clothes, meaning that it places huge importance in layering. What’s often overlooked is the opportunity to express through accessories, especially through necklaces.

Long sleeves with an open neckline are best with shorter, more complicated necklaces. Dresses with a smaller neck opening, on the other hand, work well with longer pendants that extend to the chest level.

Wear it under a pullover

The great thing with long sleeve dresses is their extended hem, which you can wear with a pullover as the underlay. The pullover helps you to enjoy more warmth but can take off the pullover to be elegant again in no time.

Long sleeve dresses under white sweatshirts is one of the simple but favourite styles that our team loves, matching style with comfort perfectly.

Draw a waistline 

Sometimes long sleeve full-length dresses lack a defined waistline. A line that separates the torso and legs is helpful in appropriately proportioning the body. Things including jackets to the waist level, belts and elastic bands in the dress help to draw the visual line of separation and help with selling your style. 

Long at the top, short at the bottom

Long sleeve mini dresses are good-to-haves for your wardrobe. While the item is simple, you can pair almost anything to these dresses, be it sneakers, necklaces or fleece jackets. This essential dress is exceptionally great for road trips where you feel comfortable for a long drive but can stylise in a minute to take Insta-worthy shots.

Find a good scarf 

Pairing scarfs with long sleeve dresses is a great idea not just for warmth but style. With winter clothing, it’s easy to look clunky. Scarves can help to balance out the clunkiness by increasing the visual proportion at the neck area and reduce the visual heft over the lower part of the body.

A pair of fitting ankle boots 

Ankle boots are perfect for dresses but even better for long sleeve dresses. Long sleeve mini and midi dresses expose just enough of your legs for a good pair of ankle boots. While black boots fit almost any occasion, brown boots can help to add an extra stylistic touch to your look.

You want to try a shirt dress, you said? 

Shirt dresses, while look casual, are excellent style pieces. A good shirt dress hints a bit of boyfriend style. Leaving some buttons open at the hem opens a slit that you are comfortable with for some extra fashion points.

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