How To Wear A Gingham Outfit

How To Wear A Gingham Outfit

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The gingham print has been around for centuries. It is thought to have originated in Southeast Asia and was later seen in the 18th century in mills in Manchester. It is also the favourite print by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

Gingham print is not just versatile and stylish, it can be elegant and classy as well. The print is perfect for any occasion, no matter if it is casual or formal, it is quite the choice for all fashion divas all over the world.

The print comes in vibrant colours like red and blue and in different styles. It can be paired with almost everything. You can invest in more than a couple of gingham print items to get creative in mixing and matching them up. Anyone who carries it will definitely look like a sweet and feminine lady.

If you are wondering about how to look stylish with these gingham printed garments, check out what we have included in this blog. We have compiled a list for you to show you how to rock this print well and to stand out from the crowd effortlessly.

How to style gingham

Make a statement with gingham pants

Since the gingham print pants are most likely your statement piece of the whole look, try to keep the rest of your outfit simple and clean. You can never go wrong by pairing it with a basic black top or a white sweater. This outfit is not just comfortable to wear but also fashionable for any casual occasion. Some accessories like earrings and necklaces can further elevate your whole look.

Mix and match gingham with other prints

Don’t be afraid of mixing different prints. Gingham print is quite neutral when compared to zebra or leopard prints. It can be easily styled with different patterns and textures without looking too messy. To pull off print mixing with gingham, make sure you have your colour themes run throughout all prints to create a natural flow with the eye from print to print. You may pair your gingham print with some floral prints to create a cute and feminine vibe.

Wear multicoloured gingham garments

Never limit yourself to just one-coloured gingham. Unleash your creativity to mix and match your one colour gingham with another colour. It is fun to wear different coloured gingham prints around. If you do not have any qualms or nerves when it comes to mixing the coloured gingham, you can go all in and mix a tinier gingham on top of a bigger or larger gingham.

Adding a pop of gingham to your outfit

Instead of wearing a large scale of gingham on your body, try adding some gingham print accessories, such as shoes or bags, to your outfit. This is an easy way for a beginner to style gingham. It works gorgeously with different textures and materials, from cotton to suede. You can pick a simple item like a black dress or a solid coloured jumpsuit to match with these gingham accessories.

Match your gingham with denim

If gingham print looks too overwhelming to you, try tone it down with a denim jacket or a blazer in a neutral colour. Nothing will go wrong with denim. You can wear denim if you are looking to have a relaxed look for spring and summer. If you are looking to have a more polished and professional look, style it with a grey blazer.

Go for a gingham dress or matching sets

Don’t have any idea on how to style the gingham print? Just get the dress or matching sets! Whether it is a mini, midi or maxi dress, gingham dresses are having a moment right now. It is a timeless option to choose from, especially during spring and summer.

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