Playing with pleated skirt

Playing with pleated skirt

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Pleated skirts are one of the popular trends that have been in the center stages of fashion in recent years. It is one of the few trends that have longevity and has become classic. These skirts would be your best choice if you are looking for a more feminine look. The cinched waist and elegant longer hemline look great on almost all body silhouettes. These classic pieces suit women of all ages and body types.

A pleated skirt is versatile and easy to style in hundreds of ways. There are endless chic outfits you can create for every season. It can be dressed down with flats and a leather jacket or dressed up with traditional heels and a fitted top. They are the perfect blend of street style and feminine sophistication. No doubt that it is a wardrobe staple you will have in your closet for years to come. 

We have gathered some of our favourite outfits to give you some ideas on how you can style a pleated skirt. Check out the outfit ideas and tips below for tips to elevate your look.

What are the tips on styling a pleated skirt? 

We love to see people wearing their pleated skirts around. However, there are some tips that you should be mindful of while styling with this skirt.

Pleated skirts highlight the waist and create a slimming effect. It helps to tuck in the top to accentuate the effect. A belt is recommended to cinch the waist if your top is worn outside the skirt.

The balancing of colour is important as well. You can pair your patterned skirts with a solid colour top or a bright skirt with a neutral or toned down top to get a perfect colour balance.

Heels are commonly worn with pleated skirts, but sneakers and flats can be your alternative choice if you are looking to have a casual or a moderate look. You can also pair pleated skirts with ankle boots to add some length while wearing a midi or maxi pleated skirt too.

Not sure how to style a mini pleated skirt? Play with proportions to keep your look fashionable and chic. A pair of knee-high boots and a trench coat will help in balancing out your miniskirt and elevate your whole look.

How to style a pleated skirt? 

With a biker jacket

A staple piece that every wardrobe needs - the black biker jacket is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. It is classic, versatile, and perfect for every season. They can instantly elevate any of your outfits to look edgy and cool. You can make it casual by pairing it with a white tee underneath, and a pleated skirt at the bottom.

Monochromatic look lover? Style your black pleated skirt with a biker jacket to get a street smart and chic look. It is also a great outfit for anyone who wants to look leaner and taller. This outerwear is adaptable to any outfit and works for any occasion.

With an oversized sweater

Wearing an oversized sweater with a pleated skirt might be tricky. However, if you can play well with the proportions, it will turn your look from casual to ultra fab. Instead of wearing high contrast clothing, try a creme monochrome look. You can pair a cream coloured oversized sweater with the same coloured pleated skirt for an elegant and classy look.

With a graphic tee

Graphic tees are often bold and make you stand out from the crowd. It is one of the ways for you to express yourself through art and graphics that are printed on clothes. Most people will tend to match their tee with jeans or shorts, but these tees can go well with pleated skirts for a dressier, feminine yet casual look. You can wear a belt on it to cinch your waist further too.

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