What Are The Wardrobe Essentials For All Seasons?

What Are The Wardrobe Essentials For All Seasons?

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Trends come and go, but the timeless pieces in your wardrobe will stay season after season. From the little black dress to the white sneakers, new pieces have made their way into the essential category of your wardrobe. These are definitely investment pieces, so you do not have to be afraid to splurge on certain ones.

If you are not sure where to start with the wardrobe essentials, we have compiled a list of the most timeless and basic pieces you will need in order to create a classic and versatile wardrobe.

A well-fitting face mask

Masks are assuredly part of our future. They are the new normal and literally become the wardrobe essential as the wearing of face covering is mandatory in shops. So get one that fits, is breathable and is not oppressive to your nose or to fog your glasses.

A pair of white sneakers

Whether you are running errands, heading to work or walking your dog, going about your day in a pair of white sneakers will always be a good idea. It is comfortable, stylish and versatile, the classic white shoes have become a wardrobe staple. They are easily dressed up with different styles of outfits and suitable for every occasion.

An airy white tee

A great white tee is the ultimate wardrobe essential. It is comfortable, versatile and a go-to piece for all seasons. They serve as great layering pieces and pair perfectly with dressier items as well. No matter if you are wearing jeans or a leather jacket, it goes well with everything.


woman wearing the moon graphics t shirt and washed jeans


 (Find the Moon Graphic T-shirt In White)

A cosy cardigan

Cardigan is perfect for some chilly days. They are stylish, cute and ultra-function. It is easy to wear a cardigan and every girl needs one in their wardrobe. You can dress them up or down based on the occasion. They also add colour and interest to your outfit. A v-neck cardigan is great for layering over a tee for a night out.

A black handbag

Just like the little black dress, a classic black handbag can save you from a whole assortment of sartorial dilemmas. Black does not have a season. Within the depths of winter or the heights of summer, a black handbag will always work. It never goes out of style. A black handbag goes well with any outfit from your wardrobe, you will never feel over or underdressed with such a classic accessory.

A go-to denim

There is no denying that a good pair of jeans is a wardrobe essential. Whether you are going out to the market or meeting your friends in the café, blue jeans are what you are looking for. The perfect pair of denim jeans can take a while to find, but once you find them, you will never gonna live without them.

A little black dress

It does not have to be little but it does have to be black. Black dress is one of the items that are worth investing in. It is timeless and versatile that can be styled with multiple layers or just keep minimal. There are a billion ways to match different items and accessories with a black dress.

A crisp white button down shirt

Whether you are dressing up for the office or for a night on the town, a white button down shirt will never fail you. You will never regret adding a quality white shirt to your wardrobe. You can layer your white shirt with an oversized sweater or a blazer. And no matter how you wear it, it adds instant glamour to any look. It is definitely one of the must-have items in your wardrobe.

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