How to style a basic T-shirt

How to style a basic T-shirt

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The basic tee is a staple for every woman's wardrobe and is an essential part of our everyday look. Whether you are wearing them on errands, to work or wherever else your daily life might take you, these basic tees will never fail to surprise you. Their versatility and relative affordability mean they can be worn countless ways for most occasions.

If you have not tried plain coloured T-shirts before, choose white, black, navy and grey as your starter pack. These basic colours cannot go wrong most times and match with everything. Try layering your basic T-shirts with jackets, blazers or collared shirts. Slowly you can start pairing your plain coloured T-shirt with printed shirts or different materials to be creative.

Check out the ultimate guide on how to style a basic tee below. 

The common types of T-shirt 

Crew neck

A crew neck is the type of shirt that comes with a round and collarless neckline. It is comfy and great for everyday looks. These tees are perfect for layering, usually worn under a sweater or shirt. They are more fitting for your body instead of hanging loose, you can wear them by themselves or layer them with other clothes. Crew necks are responsible for the versatile cuts and styles that we find in tees today and typically come in fitted, loose or muscle styles.

V neck

A V neck is a t-shirt where the neck is shaped like the letter V. It has a slightly less formal feel than a crew neck. These tees will add a little visual interest and style in comparison with those standard tees. It works well to slim down your physique and is also a popular choice for people with round face shapes. These types of tees are great for layering underneath a button down, as the neckline will not show if you have the top button undone.

The tips to style a T-shirt

Layering with other clothes

Layering your basic tee is a great way to blend both style and comfort look into any outfit. You can layer with a blazer to have a business casual look, but make sure that you stick to the basic colour tee underneath to look professional. If you are planning for a Friday night out, wear your tee with an oversized denim jacket to create an effortlessly chic yet comfy look. You can layer with a knit sweater to keep you warm if the weather gets chilly.

Add statement accessories

Statement jewellery can always polish and leverage your whole look. Most people will find that tee is boring to wear anywhere other than the gym or market. However, a statement necklace can transform the basic tee into something wearable for a brunch date with friends. You can wear a long, chunky necklace over a V neck tee while a short and thin necklace on top of the crew neck tee.

Dress up with skirts

Most skirts go well with tees. You can easily create a cute and feminine look by pairing it with those basic tees. Style your basic tee with classic button-front skirts and strappy sandals to create a summer casual look. Or you can wear it with a whimsical statement skirt to prevent the outfit from looking over the top. Don’t forget to wear statement jewellery to complete the look.

With jeans

We all know that jeans and tee are an inseparable classic combo and should not be underestimated by us. These pieces are very comfortable to wear and able to look stylish if the matching goes well. You can wear a basic tee on top of distressed or embroidered jeans to balance out the whole outfit. However, if your tee is slightly oversized, try pairing it with high waisted mom jeans to look more polished.

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